Elegant and ‘cool’

There are few concepts as difficult to define as elegance. Elegance has to do with good taste, with grace in style, with undeniable beauty, with harmony. One is either elegant or not… there is no middle of the road. And the capital of Cantabria certainly is. You only need stand on La Magdalena headland, that beautiful mound set between beaches, and gaze upwards to the Royal Palace where the Spanish Court used to spend the summer, as now do scholars from the Menéndez Pelayo International University.

Santander is elegant for the way it overlooks its harbour and spectacular bay, a member of the exclusive club of the most beautiful harbours in the world. For its large avenues, peaceful gardens and picturesque Paseo de Pereda promenade, with its typical houses with their enclosed balconies. But also for its seafaring tradition and its nooks and crannies where you can enjoy a glass or more of wine accompanied by finger food. For its simply elegant way of balancing tradition with modernity.