San Sebastián

Cosmopolitan and ‘cool’

It may be due to its proximity to the French border. Or because of its past as a place where royalty and the “beautiful people” idly spent their summers playing roulette. It may be the influence of the stars of the silver screen who attend its film festival each September and the music celebrities who visit here throughout the whole year. It may be for the citizens from all over the world who choose to enjoy its quality of life for a few days. Or for the international outlook of the local people. It may be for all these reasons that Donostia/San Sebastián is the most cosmopolitan of the Basque cities.

Cosmopolitanism, however, is not the only secret of a capital that, while being small in size, built on a human scale, boasts the cultural offering of a large city. A city that knows how to combine the beauty of the surrounding mountains overlooking the sea with its urban activity. A city where you can get around on foot or bicycle and where you can surf, yet where its gastronomy continues to be of international renown.