Dinamic and 'cool'

Dynamic, fresh, bold. Gijón, of course, has a history that goes back thousands of years –the Roman built baths here–, as well as old cafés, wonderful botanic gardens and the heritage reaped from being situated both on the Way of St James and at the northernmost tip of the Via de la Plata Route. But what surprises visitors most is to discover its zest for life. There’s always something going on here. Concerts by the leading international groups on tour and by new local musicians in small venues. Festivals like FICXixón and its alternative cinema. A continuous flow of activities in the street, at the iconic Jovellanos Theatre or the vast Laboral City of Culture.

From this Asturian scenic balcony overlooking the Bay of Biscay, it’s no wonder that some people are “crazy about Gijón”. For its zest and welcoming spirit. For its university and artistic ambiance. Because you can savour it little by little or in big gulps. For being open-minded and fun.