Amazing and 'cool'

Avilés is an invitation to take a leisurely stroll... an invitation to quiet contemplation. To walk peacefully through the friendly streets of its old quarter, admiring the arcades, squares, churches and mansions as stages on a journey through history and its architectural styles, from the 12th century right up to the present day. To wander through its natural scenery coloured in greens and blues, explore its extensive dunes, gaze out from its cliffs and submerge yourself in the sea off its sandy beaches.

In Avilés, right in the heart of Asturias, peace and quiet is a contagious mood to be shared, yet one that in no way can be associated with boredom. You can participate in the intense cultural life of the Niemeyer Centre, enjoy the company in a bustling cider tavern and join in its fiestas. All the while knowing that you can later sit down and chat in a square or take a stroll along a greenway for the mere pleasure of discovering where it leads you.