A Coruña

Oceanic and 'cool'

A Coruña is not just a city; it is an ocean, the Atlantic, which colours, embraces and inspires it. Everything about the city –from its special light to its day-to-day pace– is marked by the sea, present in every corner. A Coruña means never growing tired of gazing out over the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, both from the scenic balcony of Mount San Pedro and from the longest seaside promenade in Europe, encompassing over 13 kilometres of beaches, cliffs and coves.

A Coruña also means walking through the medieval streets of the old quarter, meandering through its parks and gardens and strolling along Avenida de la Marina flanked by its glass façades. Yet, you always feel close to the sea… its smell, its taste, its murmur. In a competition organized in Slupsk (Poland), a recording of the waves and seagulls from Orzán Beach was voted “the world’s most beautiful sound of the sea”. It is the ocean that calls us to visit Galicia… to visit A Coruña.