Pampering your body.

When the doubt lies between practising sports yourself or letting others take care of your body.

You only need to walk, run or cycle to feel better while getting to know the cities from another angle.

Sports lovers are in luck. There is no lack of options to get moving in our ‘cool cities’. You can join the local residents in the practice of nautical activities: swimming, sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, standup paddle boarding, diving and, of course, surfing. Many beaches are ideal for cooling off while riding the waves on a board.

And if you prefer golf or horse riding, there are also facilities. Although you only need to go walking, jogging or cycling to feel better, while getting to know the city from another perspective.
Less energetic visitors are also in luck, as they are in the land of spas. La Perla del Océano was opened back in 1912 right on La Concha Beach (San Sebastián). The spa is still there, though now under the name of La Perla Talaso-Sport, maintaining the tradition of using seawater for physical toning and relaxation, but now applying new technologies.

Pampering your body in spas with health, beauty and wellness treatments is an accessible luxury. In A Coruña, Termaria Casa de Agua offers 43 different types of massages and treatments, in addition to Europe’s largest active seawater pool. Situated on the seaside promenade in the same city, the Metropolitan La Solana spa and fitness centre occupies some 28,000 square metres.
The question is whether to give yourself over to the benefits of water and massage in these centres or to get yourself moving and practise some kind of sport ... or maybe do both!