Tempting flavours.

When the question of what and where to eat today has many answers... all of which are equally appealing

Miniature cuisine in the form of pinchos and tapas, ranging from the most traditional to the most sophisticated creations

In our ‘cool cities’, the food is both good and plentiful. In traditional restaurants and the ‘temples’ of signature cuisine, in well-known eateries and in others yet to be discovered. Gastronomy is the hub of social life. There’s even a haute cuisine university centre, the Basque Culinary Center, in San Sebastián, where you can taste and discuss what the students cook.

To discover San Sebastián, Santander, Gijón, Avilés and A Corunna is to succumb to their culinary charms. In a formal restaurant or a more relaxed setting, as well as in small tidbits. Pinchos and tapas, ranging from the most traditional to the most sophisticated, allow you to combine gastronomic pleasure with a popular ambiance. San Sebastián lays claim to ‘fathering’ the boom in finger food with its bars replete with appetizing pinchos in its old quarter and the district of Gros. But tapas can also be found in A Coruña, where the Picadillo competition awards prizes for the creations made there.

These are lands characterized by quality products, country produce and, of course, seafood. To taste shellfish in A Coruña is an unforgettable experience, as is relishing fish that has just arrived in port and is simply grilled. Perhaps in Tetuán Street or Santander’s fishing quarter. Or, with the ‘Avilés Fish Market’ package deal, visiting the fish market where you can purchase the fish that they will then prepare for you in the restaurant of your choice. You won’t find anything fresher.
Another appetizing experience is to become a taster of Asturias’ traditional brew on the Cider Trail in Gijón. Besides cider, you should also try two white wines that boast their own Designation of Origin, Ribeiro de Galicia and Txakoli de Getaria (Gipuzkoa).
Still hungry? For dessert, why not delight in A Coruña’s chocolate tradition, follow the ‘Sweet-toothed Gijón’ routes, taste the typical quesada pasiega cheesecake in Santander or pay a visit to Sweet Llambión, Avilés’ cake and pastry salon.

Dinner among the stars

A high-class dinner? At one of the restaurants distinguished by the Michelin guide.
In San Sebastián:
- Arzak ***
- Akelarre ***
- Kokotxa *
- Mirador de Ulia *
- Miramon Arbelaitz *
- And nearby, Martín Berasategui ***, Mugaritz ** . As well as another three with 1 star.

In Santander:
- El Serbal *
- And four more in Cantabria

In Gijón:
- La Salgar *
- El Auga *
- Casa Gerardi *

In the area of Avilés
Real Balneario *
- And five more in Asturias, including Casa Marcial **,

In A Coruña:
- Árbore da Veira *
- Alborada *
- And three more in the province.