Peine Agua Peine Agua

Culture means fiesta.

When cultural activities are a serious matter… but also exciting, unique, fun, innovative and suggestive

Not only reserved for galleries and museums, artistic creations also draw your attention outdoors.

‘Cool cities’ are medium in size, but large in terms of cultural activities. When visiting them, you simply have to check out their broad range of cultural offerings. Festivals with well-established programmes of an international scope coexist alongside other events on a smaller scale that are often innovative, exciting and surprising.

Yes… culture is enjoyed here in both small and capital letters.  The offering is wide-ranging, pleasing horror film fans or comic lovers as well as followers of indie music , films by new directors and graphic Arts.
Something is on the move in our ‘cool cities’, where music never ceases to be heard… classical, jazz and all the current sounds. In premier festivals or live music here and there to be appreciated in the immediacy of small, intimate venues.